Natural Gas Reaches its Limits

After a record-breaking winter, many Western Mass residential and commercial customers will be looking to convert their heating systems from oil to natural gas. We typically receive hundreds of inquiries about the cost and process to switch from volatile-priced oil to high efficiency gas heating systems. But this year we’ll be delivering some bad news …

“We have to preserve the safety and integrity of our system for our existing customers …”. – Chris Farrell, Communications Director for Berkshire Gas

Berkshire Gas, the Area’s main supplier of natural gas, announced a moratorium on new gas customers for the services areas of Greenfield, Montague, Deerfield and Whately; with the same moratorium extending to Amherst, Hadley, Sunderland and Hatfield later this year. What does that mean? Because Berkshire Gas is reaching supply capacity it cannot bring on any new customers.

Chris Farrell, Manager of Corporate Communications at Berkshire Gas, said “We have to preserve the safety and integrity of our system for our existing customers …”. The Company maintains a strategic reserve of natural gas to insure that they can supply existing customers even at peak demand during winter months. Because the Company has reach the safe limit of that supply; they must regulate new demand by limiting new customers. In this case, the drastic decision to cease bringing on new customers means that homeowners and businesses looking to switch from oil to natural gas …will be “left out in the cold”.

Because the supply is restricted by pipeline capacity, industry analysts don’t expect the shortage to end in the next 5 years.

So, what can you do in the mean time? Give us a call for a no-obligation review of your heating and cooling needs. We’ll suggest options based on your use and budget.

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Yup, we’re out of gas!
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