Mini Split Air Conditioning

Winter is behind us and the hot and humid days of summer in Western MA are coming. So, now’s the time to think about air conditioning and cooling your home or business. And today there are more products and installation choices than ever before. You’ll also enjoy a large range of energy efficient A/C solutions!

One of the most flexible and energy efficient home A/C products are the mini split air conditioners. These products connect an outside cooling unit with an indoor unit giving maximum cooling where and when you need it most. The advantage is that you can control individual indoor units to deliver comfort in each room. Want the living room a bit cooler? Dial it down. Want the bedroom even cooler? Dial down the bedroom unit; and enjoy the right temperature for the best sleep!

Mini split A/C air conditioning system diagram

Mini split air conditioning solutions offer flexible installation options. Don’t have a lot of space? No problem. These units are compact allowing you to choose the unit best suited to the size of your room or living area.

Forget those large window units that can be terribly inefficient. Mini split systems cool your home with advanced inverter and heat pump technology delivering high efficiency cooling that saves you money!

You’ll also enjoy quiet operation – unlike those noisy old A/C units that hang out your window!

And your mini split system handles humidity without the need for a water tank!

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