Summer is a great time to think about energy consumption and ways to save! Here are our

TOP 10 Energy Savings Tips

1) Set your air conditioning as high as you feel comfortable.  78F is average. And install a time/date thermostat to automate the temperature of your home for times when you aren’t there.

2) Annual Maintenance of air conditioning units ensure that they are running at peak efficiency and cooling.

3) Run your dryer and dishwasher at night when temperatures are cooler.

4) Keep blinds and shades closed during the day.

5) Window and ceiling fans are low cost alternatives to a/c.

6) Wash your clothes in cold water.

7) Get rid of extra freezers or refrigerators that are high energy consumers.

8) Buy only high efficiency Energy Star appliance when you replace older models.

9) Unplug appliances and electronics when not in use.

10) consider putting your pool filtration on a timer. Running it just half the time will result in huge savings while maintaining water quality.

Implement even a few of these energy saving tips and you see a noticeable savings on your next electric bill.

Save Energy this Summer
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