Answers to the Most Common Questions :

Remember, proper maintenance like changing air and oil filters keeps your heating and cooling systems running safely and efficiently.

What kind of system is the best for my home?
Our salesperson will do a complete survey of your home and discuss with you what options he thinks will best fit your needs.

Is there any cost for the survey?
No, our estimates are at no cost to the customer.

How long will it take to receive my proposal?
It usually takes two to three days.

Once I sign my proposal how long before the work can be done?
The average is two to three weeks. However the schedule is managed by how many jobs we have.

How long will it take to install my new system?
Most installations take 1-3 days, however each individual job may vary.

Do I have to be home at the time of the installation?
We let you make that decision. It should be whatever you are comfortable with.

Will you service the equipment after it has been installed?
Yes, we service all the equipment we install.

What other types of equipment do you service?
We service most types of oil and gas furnaces and boilers.
We also service air conditioning systems and heat pumps.

What payment options are available?
We accept check, cash and Mastercard or Visa.

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Is it really necessary to have my heating/cooling equipment serviced?
Your car requires regular oil changes to keep it operating efficiently and your heating/cooling equipment also requires preventative maintenance to keep it operating at its’ highest possible efficiency. Preventative maintenance also helps to reduce repair costs and many manufacturers warranties require it.

How often should my heating/cooling equipment be serviced?
Preventative maintenance should be done once a year – this includes inspecting critical components for wear and safety. Fall is a great time to have your heating system checked. Spring is a great time to have air conditioning systems inspected.

Do you offer maintenance contracts?
Yes we do. For the details on our maintenance contracts please click for more information .

Will you notify me when it is time to have my system serviced?
Yes, we will call you when your yearly maintenance is due and schedule any necessary inspections and service.